Organic Lofi Hip Hop Vol #1 [Sample Pack]

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Organic Lofi Hip Hop Volume 1 is a complete toolkit for creating Lofi Hip Hop, Electronica, Chillhop & much more. It is a mix of sound guitars, lush vocals, cinematic pianos, and organic drums. Written and recorded by Mondo Loops known for his releases with Lofi Girl, Universal Music, Chill Beats, and many more.

The Pack Contains:

  • 9 X Soft Ambiance Samples [Birds, Rain, Coffee Shop etc.]
  • 4 X Bonus Melodic Samples
  • 28 X Foley + Percussive Loops [BPM Labeled for drag + Drop texture]
  • 17 X Hi-Hat and Brush Loops [BPM Labeled]
  • 15 X Shaker Loops [BPM Labeled]
  • 84 X One Shot Drums [Organic Snares, Kicks, Hats, Shakers + More]
  • 9 X Transition Sounds
  • 13 X Vocal Textures
  • 8 X Piano Sample Sets [Including Stems 41 tracks total] BPM + Key
  • 8 X Guitar Sample Sets [Including Stems 48 Tracks Total] BPM + Key