Sample Pack Terms & Conditions

Thank you for considering Mondo Loops Records Sample packs. This page outlines the agreed terms for usage of the sample packs unless otherwise stated.

Packs are Royalty Free for usage in your own compositions with the below exceptions:

  • They must be used in your own composition and cannot be resold or redistributed unmodified.
  • The samples are not suitable for usage within content ID systems unless they are not recognisable. Ie any YouTube content ID strikes based around these samples invalidate their use and Mondo Loops Records LTD retains full rights in these disputes.
  • Mondo Loops Records retains ownership of the original samples and IP and they are merely licenced to others on sale for use in your own compositions.
In addition to this, and samples that are free to download and royalty free are not suitable for major label placements [This only applies to the free sample packs].