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Are you a music producer looking to add that nostalgic, warm sound to your tracks? Our Lofi Sample Packs at Mondo Loops are designed to give you the perfect mix of vintage vibes and modern production quality. Whether you’re creating chill beats for a study session or creating a mellow backdrop for relaxation, our sample packs have everything you need to bring your music to life.

Our Lofi Sample Packs offer a comprehensive range of sounds that inspire creativity. Here’s what you can expect:


1. Diverse Sound Libraries

From dusty drum loops to serene guitar riffs, our sample packs cover a wide array of instruments and effects. You’ll find:

  • Drum Kits: Including kicks, snares, hi-hats, and percussions processed with vintage gear for that authentic lo-fi sound​​.
  • Melodic Loops: Featuring Rhodes keys, jazzy chords, and wistful piano melodies that evoke a sense of nostalgia​.
  • Ambient Sounds: Organic foley recordings such as cityscapes, forest ambiances, and everyday noises to add depth and texture to your tracks​.


2. High-Quality Samples

All our samples are recorded and processed with professional-grade equipment, ensuring you get the highest quality sounds without the need for additional processing. This means you can focus on your creativity and let our samples do the heavy lifting​​.


3. Royalty-Free Use

Use our samples in your projects without worrying about licensing issues. All our packs are royalty-free, giving you the freedom to release your music commercially​​.

Our curated collection offers something for every lo-fi music producer. Check out these popular options:


Chill Lofi Drum Kit Volume One

A fan favourite, this pack includes 226 unique samples that range from chord loops to drum hits, all designed to inspire your next lo-fi masterpiece​​.


Dark Ambient Synth Presets

With our Dark Ambient Synth Presets, made especially for free VST Vital, you can transform your music. These meticulously produced samples will give your songs a dark enigmatic feel.


Organic Lofi Hip Hop Sample Pack Vol#1

A comprehensive toolkit for producing Electronica, Chillhop, Lofi Hip Hop, and much more is included in Organic Lofi Hip Hop Volume 1. It combines compelling pianos, luscious vocals, organic rhythms, and sound guitars.


Sleepy Lofi Drum Kit

Upgrade your sleepy lofi beats with the Sleepy Lofi Drum Kit. Featuring a rich assortment of foley loops, guitars, pianos, drum one shots, and vocals, this kit is designed to inspire your next chilled-out track. Each element is expertly mastered to ensure a professional sound.

  • Includes 5 ambiance loops and 8 guitar construction kits
  • 8 piano construction kits with stems
  • 58 percussion/foley one shots and 16 vocal one shots


Dreamy Lofi Hip Hop Volume #2

Experience the soft, textured, and warm sounds of Dreamy Lofi Hip Hop Volume #2. This pack is perfect for creating those mellow, nostalgic beats that are perfect for studying or relaxing.

  • Features 5 ambiance loops and 14 foley/percussion loops
  • 8 guitar loops with stems and 8 piano loops with stems
  • 78 drum one-shots and 7 vocal one shots


Dreamy Lofi Hip Hop Vol #1

Dreamy Lofi Hip Hop Vol #1 focuses on the soft, mellow, and relaxing side of lofi. This pack includes everything you need to make dreamy lofi beats, from drum loops to guitar and piano loops.

  • Contains 6 soft warm ambiance textures and 4 bonus loops
  • 12 shaker loops and 13 hi-hat/brush loops
  • 89 drum one-shots and 5 vocal drones


Lofi Synth Presets Vol#1

Discover an eclectic selection of lofi hip hop synth presets with Lofi Synth Presets Vol#1, crafted for VITAL and Serum. These presets add a nostalgic and creative touch to your productions.

  • Includes 34 Vital presets and 25 Serum presets
  • 20 ambiance recordings and 30 bonus sounds
  • Features pads, leads, keys, bass, and transitions


And there’s much more!

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