Antonio Vianello Sirius XM Chill

Thanks for taking the time to view my music submission, I have been a long time listener of SiriusXM Chill which is my staple driving soundtrack, I appreciate your consideration. Also a special thanks for supporting my previous release Memoria.

My name is Antonio Vianello, I am a producer and guitarist from Chester making music for labels including Bluewerks (UMG), Lofi Girl, Ninja Tune Publishing, Decca Records & More.

I have recently released some tracks I think would be great fit for SiriusXM Chill and would greatly appreciate your time and consideration. I have made a small playlist on Spotify below, with embeds and WAV downloads following. My top tracks I believe could work are:

The Last Onod [Lofi Girl] - A folk inspired blend of smooth trumpet, electric guitar and gentle piano with a mellow drum beat.

Fragments Of Paradise [Lofi Girl] - A dark moody piano driven track, with a mellow drum groove, infectious lapsteel and mellow guitars

Edo Majikku - Electronica with japanese influence and an infectious drum beat, written for Pretty Decent Music / Ninja Tune Publishing

The Old Treehouse - Layering of soft electric guitars, a laid back drum groove and soft warming ambiance.

Thanks for your time

I have uploaded the .Wav Masters here:

Feel free to contact me on +44 7985 395 438 or at