Dreamy Lofi Hip Hop Vol #1 [Sample Pack]

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Dreamy Lofi Hip Hop Vol #1 is a pack that focuses on the soft, mellow, and relaxing side of lofi (Think Lofi Girl / ChilledCow / Chillhop).

It contains everything you need to make the dreamy lofi beats, including drum loops, one shots, atmospheres, keys, guitar loops and more!

The Contents:

Atmospheres: 6 x Soft warm ambiance textures

Bonus Loops: 4 x Ukulele and Kalimba Loops

Drum Loops: -12 Shaker Loops
                      - 13 Hi Hat + Brush Loops
                      - 5 Texture Loops (foley)

Drum One Shots: 89 One Shots including hi hats, brushes, kicks, snares, foley, percussion, shakers + more

Vocals: 5 x Vocal Drones

Guitar Loops: 8 Original Layered Guitar Loops (With Stems Totaling 45 Files)

Piano Loops: 8 Original Piano Loops (With Stems Totaling 39 Files)