8 Best Piano VSTs for Lofi Hip Hop (Free + Paid)

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If you are looking for a new piano VST that can bring warmth, character and beautiful imperfections look no further. This is a list of the top 8 best piano VST plug ins for 2021 for Lofi Hip Hop / Organic Electronic music / Cinematic etc. anything that needs warmth and character.

1) Wolno  

Wolno Free Piano VST

Wolno is a beauty by felt instruments that is completely FREE! A piano sampled and processed using vintage hardware to give it a beautiful depth and character. Each sample is stretched out giving this warm yet almost eerie vibe. Perfect for adding depth to your mixes.


2) Imagiro's Piano

  Imagiro's Piano VST
Imagiros Piano

A VST by the talented Lofi Hip Hop producer Imagiro who sampled hes hope upright to perfection. At the time of writing this was on offer for just $20 including a sample pack by another talent in lofi, Tender Spring. It's out-of-the-box soft tones are sure to bring a nostalgic feel to your mix. For more lofi sample packs check out THESE.



Spitfire Audio Labs

If you have read my previous blogs you will know that the spitfire audio labs instruments are a realm of amazing free plugins that really never fail to impress. I mentioned them here in the past and for a good reason. Soft piano is a perfectly balanced keys vst that has the subtle sounds of a felt piano and is, however, well mixed and a perfect fit in any track.


4) Lekko


Here we have another from felt instruments, this time it's their premium piano VST and it doesn't fail to disappoint. This brings a range of sound design patches. A perfectly sampled sustain patch and some amazing depth and character. Another steal for just $49 at the time of writing and available in bundles.


5) Claustraphobic Piano  

Claustrophobic Piano

A sample library by Christian Henson, a founder of Spitfire Audio but also of Pianobook. This is a community where musicians come together to provide free sampled instruments. This is available for Kontakt (full version), however, it also works on the decent sampler. In conclusion, It's a cosy warm piano with a slightly muffled sound that is a great compliment to any track.


6) Firewood Piano

Firewood Piano

Firewood Piano is by spitfire audio, however, this time from their main range of VSTs. Part of the massively underrated originals series which are plugins for just $29. Firewood piano has the soft felt piano sound in addition to the delicate pads that seamlessly blend together. In addition, the interface is easy to use and intuitive.


7) Postcard Piano

Postcard Piano

Postcard Piano is about as lofi as a Piano VST gets. For instance, this vintage modeled instrument provides the saturation, wow and flutter of a vintage piano recording straight out the box. With lots of adjustability, great reverb, and some fantastic patches this is well worth the price tag. ($69).


8) Una Corda

Una Corda VST 
Una Corda

Una Corda is the most expensive piano on this list at $149, however, it comes bundled with many Native Instruments packs. Therefore, expect to get it for 50% off during big sales like black Friday. That said, there is a reason it is so expensive. The adjustability and range of sounds in Una Corda is phenomenal. In other words, there are so many patches and you can adjust just about anything. In conclusion, a perfect to fit any piano sound requirements and is full of character and warmth.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a soft vst for lofi or any other genre I highly recommend the above. They provide warmth and character, however, are also intuitive and easy to use. 8 Best Piano VSTs for Lofi Hip Hop (Free + Paid) 2021 Edition.

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