Best Lofi Hip Hop Artists To Look Out For in 2024

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Lofi hip hop, with its chill vibes and laid-back rhythms, has been the comforting soundtrack to our study sessions and day-to-day activities for quite some time now. The genre materialised from the popularity of YouTube "radio" livestreams, and it has certainly found a global audience, with artists from around the world contributing to its rich tapestry with their own takes on the genre.

Let’s take a look at some of the best lofi hip hop artists that you should be keeping an eye out for this year. These artists have all been in the lofi scene for a number of years, and are regularly dropping new releases much-loved by listeners all around the world.

Mondo Loops (UK Lofi Artist)

Mondo Loops is a prominent UK lofi artist, standing out for his distinctly cinematic approach to lofi hip hop. His most recent album, "Golden Age," is a testament to his talent and creativity. Released on Lofi Records in November 2023, this album boasts both nostalgia and tranquility, with a combination of lush instrumental lines and hazy electronic sounds.

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Tracks like “The Last Onod" and "Redemption Arc” carry us along with sweet and sultry guitar melodies, while tracks like “Fragments of Paradise” explore delicate piano and spacious brass lines. A notable collaboration with Parisian producer Kanisan on "Ancient Stones" is a particular gem, offering listeners a sense of uplifted-ness with its dense textures and airy pads.

Based in the city of Chester, just a short distance from the richly musical city of Liverpool, Mondo Loops began his music journey with an interest in acoustic guitar and folk-y styles. Over time, he transitioned to electric guitar and honed his music production skills in Ableton Live. He names artists such as John Mayer and Four Tet as big inspirations for his initial musical explorations, and was naturally drawn towards lofi by a love for the dreamy ambient guitar sound. He began releasing guitar covers on YouTube before moving into writing original compositions and creating educational videos for those interested in the lofi genre.

With an impressive discography of eight albums and countless singles released, Mondo Loops has slowly but surely evolved his sound into the warm and immersive vibe we know today. He emphasises an “organic” approach to production, using live-recorded guitar alongside realistically modelled strings, brass and woodwinds (such as the Audio Modeling SWAM engine products). This meticulous attention to detail creates a rich, textured sound that feels dynamic and alive. Underneath the main melodic content, his tracks are supported by subtle layers of ambience and foley textures. Subtle enough to not stand out, but enough to create depth and dimension, effortlessly drawing us further in to the music.

In essence, Mondo Loops' music represents a desire for emotional depth and a “real”, organic sound. As a pioneering UK lofi artist, he invites listeners into a new musical story with every new release.

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Kupla (Finnish Lofi Artist)


Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, Kupla is another artist who is making waves in the lofi hip hop scene. His 2023 album “Dimensions”, released independently, is a journey through the multiple facets of the best lofi hip hop.
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As an avid pianist and clarinetist, these instruments feature heavily in Kupla’s work, as well as prominent foley textures and shuffling drum rhythms. Opening track “Lemonade” immediately sets the scene for this upbeat and jazzy album, combining a juicy clarinet melody with a bright plucked accompaniment and brassy synth keys. Other highlights include “Rituals” with its sparkling mbira tune, “Night Ride” with its ultra-smooth electric piano and page-turning foley, and “Seven Seas” with its smokey jazz piano chords and off-kilter rhythm.

After studying classical music and jazz as a pianist for a few years, Kupla was introduced to music production by a cousin, and later brought “Kupla” to life in 2012. He has since completed an MA in Sound Arts and has 17 albums in his discography, as well as music and sound design projects for theatre and dance.

With his knack for blending bold textures, intricate rhythms and the unique clarinet sound, Kupla brings a bold and refreshing sound to the lofi scene.

Purrple Cat (US Lofi Artist)


Based in the US, Purrple Cat is a multi-talented producer and visual artist known for her dreamy melodies and calming beats. Her recent 2023 album "City Nights 2", released on Lofi Records, is a love letter to the urban landscape, with each track evoking the sights and sounds of the city after dark.
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Purrple Cat's music is both evocative and emotive. With a soothing and somewhat romantic feeling, plus deeply atmospheric production, she creates music that is perfect for late-night listening sessions and introspective moments. Highlights on this recent album include opening track “Twilight Market” with its intimate piano and woodwind, “Rainy Streets” with its comforting rainy backdrop and “Lonely” with its reverb-drenched main melody.

With "City Nights 2," Purrple Cat solidifies her place as one of the most influential artists in the world of the best lofi hip hop. Though she stays anonymous online, she does run a YouTube channel with a 24/7 lofi livestream.

As the popularity of lofi hip hop continues to grow, artists from around the world are putting their own unique spin on the genre. From the cinematic sounds of Mondo Loops to the jazzy beats of Kupla and the dreamy melodies of Purrple Cat, there's something for more or less everyone within this genre. Whether you're a longtime lofi fan or just discovering it for the first time, be sure to check out these talented artists.

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