The Best Lofi Drum Samples for Satisfying Lofi Texture

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If you’ve ever wondered which lofi drum samples you should use to get that classic lofi vibe, then let’s talk about it.

It’s a common misconception that lofi drums are just a basic drum machine beat with heavy filtering and over-the-top distortion.

They actually come in pretty broad spectrum - everything from gentle foley textures to a crisp studio-recorded drum kit.

Giving some extra attention to your drums is a really simple way to help your beats stand out from the crowd, whether that’s through choosing live-recorded drum samples, detailed layering, or applying more subtle and precise effects.

With that in mind, I’ve created two high-quality lofi drum sample packs to revolutionise your sound.

Chill Lofi Drum Kit Vol #1 captures the vibrant sound and organic nuances of a live drum kit, with loops recorded by lofi hip hop legend Bcalm.

Organic Lofi Hip Hop Vol #1 prioritises an exploration of texture, with the juicy goodness of crunchy foley nature sounds.

These packs are completely royalty-free, meaning you can use them in your tracks and release them on Spotify, Apple Music etc. with no concerns about royalties.

These packs are also perfect for similar genres like ambient, electronica, bedroom pop, or anything that needs the lofi touch. Whether you're cooking up an album of lofi beats for study playlists or getting experimental with textured sounds, these drum samples will give your tracks a new level of character and depth.

Let’s take a closer look at them!

Lofi Drum Samples - What’s Inside?

Chill Lofi Drum Kit Vol #1


A drum stands on a frozen lake, surrounded by snowy nighttime scenery. Text above reads "chill lofi drums vol #1".

Recorded in The Grand Studio in Clitheroe, Lancashire, UK, this pack contains a collection of stunning loops as performed by lofi legend Bcalm.
Bcalm is best-known for his soothingly dreamy lofi tracks, including albums like “Elements” and “For You”, as well as drumming for Manchester-based rock band Good Foxy.

The pack includes:

Ambiance - as usual, I’ve included some essential ambiance to set the mood for your track. Think campfires, rainy days and fuzzy tape noise.

Percussive/foley loops - dense wooden percs, sticks and shaker loops to give your tracks a nice earthy feel.

Hat loops - various styles including soft brushes and crisp sounds, all with an effortlessly lazy groove.

Snare loops - a wide selection of crunchy snares, with varying width and impact.

Brush loops - more shimmering brushed hi-hats, perfect for adding scratchy textures.

Plus one-shot kicks, fills, rolls, and more!

Transition effects - bubbles, swooshes, etc.

Melodic one-shots - various soft retro synth sounds to spice up your sound design.

Many of these loops are also in 3/4 time. Despite being the perfect pace for a sleepy lofi track, 3/4 is often missing in lofi drum samples!

As a bonus, this pack also includes “Mondo Bass” - my very own bass plugin. It comes in two varieties:

  • Native Instruments (requires Kontakt 6 or above)
  • Ableton (requires Ableton Live 11.2 or above)

No worries if you don’t have these, the bass one-shots are included separately, so you can use them in your own choice of sampler.

For anyone who loves real-deal drum kit sounds, this pack is right up their alley. The dustiness, the crispness, the natural groove, the realistic expression, they all come together for a magical lofi experience.

Check out the video below for an in-depth demo of this pack:

Organic Lofi Hip Hop Vol #1


A microphone stands amongst forest foliage, with the words "organic lofi hip hop" above.

While this is not a drum-focused pack, it does have a strong focus on foley, textures, drums and percussion. Many of the recordings were taken from natural forest sounds.  

It also comes as a smaller free version!

For the nature lovers and those who like scrunchy, fuzzy percussive sounds, this pack is an absolute treasure trove.

Expect to find:

Ambiance - streams, bird song, forest sounds and more to give your tracks a bustling background.

Foley + textural loops - easy to drop in and add instant depth and texture. Some of these are more atmospheric and swampy, while others are dry and crisp.

Hat + brush loops - a mix of soft brush sweeping and brighter hat hits. These live-recorded loops make it far easier to achieve a natural groove in your hats when compared to MIDI arrangements.

Shaker loops - a “textured” drum loop wouldn’t be the same without a crunchy shaker in there somewhere!

The drums also come in one-shot form, with kicks, snares, percs and foley in the classic subdued lofi style.

Transition effects - melodic buildups, swooping risers, ambient noise, etc. for super-smooth transitions.

Vocals - soft, breathy ad-libs and vocal stacks. These subtle vocal additions can completely transform an ambient background with richness and depth.

Guitar loops - ultra-dreamy melodic loops on electric guitar, ranging from ambient and ethereal to cosy and intimate.

Piano loops - moody and characterful piano melodies with plenty of natural warmth.

Overall, a really lovely organic pack, perfect if you like your lofi with lots of subtle textural layers and unusual sounds.

To hear this pack in action, check out the video below:

Releasing Your Lofi Music

Both of these packs are 100% royalty-free, so you can use them however you like, and even release them on Spotify and Apple Music without concerns about copyright issues.

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  • And you’ll keep 100% of your royalty earnings!

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*The above link is an affiliate link, meaning I will earn a commission on qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.


When it comes to crafting the perfect lofi sound, the devil is in the details - especially when choosing your drum samples. By exploring a wide range of textures, from the warmth of live-recorded drums to the crispy crunch of foley nature sounds, you can begin to tap into a really organic and immersive lofi experience. Happy producing!

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