The Last Lofi Sample Pack You Ever Need 🎹 Foley, Drums, Piano & More!

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On the hunt for the perfect lofi sample pack for those deliciously dreamy lofi beats? This pack might just be the answer…

Sleepy Lofi is tailored specifically for the super-chill side of the lofi genre, featuring a diverse array of sounds including organic textures, warm melodies, gorgeous pads, and bonus presets for Ableton Live users.

Unlike some other lofi packs out there which come across as too harsh or too energetic, this one really hones in on the feather-soft and richly-textured sleepy lofi sound. Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting out, this pack is guaranteed to inspire your creative journey.

Check it out here, and make sure you check out the video version of this post at the end.

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Now let’s get into an exploration of the pack.


What's Inside This Lofi Sample Pack?

Don’t let the name fool you. Sleepy Lo-Fi Drums Vol #1 includes much more than just drums, with ambiances, guitar loops, piano loops, vocals and more.

Let’s take a closer look.

Guitar loops: a hearty mix of electric and nylon guitars. Each melodic sample features various layers of guitar, textures, vocals, etc., with an option for individual instrument stems too.

Piano loops: intimate and velvety piano melodies, layered with a variety of accompaniments including hand pan, textures, guitar, and so on. As with the guitar loops, each melody comes with individual stems too.

Drum one-shots: soft kicks, crunchy snares and sizzling hats. The most outstanding part of this section is the huge range of organic and authentic percs and foley. You can expect to find leaves, beads, chimes, shells and more.

Drum loops: possibly my favourite part of the pack. With all the delicious drum and percussion sounds in loop form, these are a really easy way to add width and movement to your track. The loops vary from soft and subtle to slightly more striking.

Noise textures: a selection of noise-based effects to add texture in the background of your track, to add spiciness to synth patches, or any other use you can come up with!

Vocals: dreamy “aaah”s and “oooh”s to liven up the atmosphere in your track.

Ambiance: set the scene with immersive field recordings like a nighttime forest-scape, busy streets, and a coffee shop.


Ableton Foley Racks

Are you an Ableton Live 11 user? I’ve put together some foley racks that you can save to your presets and use in any future project. The racks feature chimes and foley samples from the packs in a randomised generative pattern with easily-adjustable reverb, width, delay, filters etc.

As a bonus, there are two extra foley triggers with frosty and icy sounds.

Not an Ableton user? Not to worry, here’s a quick tutorial so you can build your own, using Logic Pro as an example.

1. Import your chosen foley and percussion samples into a sampler or drum machine. (This example is Logic Pro's Sampler).

Logic Pro Sampler plugin with a list of foley samples imported

2. Add an arpeggiator and set the note order to random (or a different option for a less random effect!)

3. Use a randomizer with a small to medium range for the MIDI velocity.

4. Add any additional effects like saturation, reverb, delays, filters, etc. (this example has saturation and filters in Phat FX, a couple of delays and a reverb).

Effect chain in Logic Pro

5. Hold down multiple trigger notes on the keyboard to randomly switch between them.

6. (Optional) build a control panel with parameter mapping to easily change your parameters (in this example is Logic's Smart Controls).

Logic Pro smart controls, with dials for effects like saturation amount
And there is your very own foley rack!

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Don't forget to check out the video version of this post below, and tag me on Instagram @mondoloops with your tracks!

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