Best Lofi Hip Hop Playlists On Spotify [Updated 2024] [For All Moods]

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Lofi hip hop playlists and radio livestreams have more or less crowned themselves the kings of background music.

These chill beats provide a mellow, easy-listening musical experience, perfect for focusing, relaxing, or simply unwinding after a long day.

There are now an uncountable number of lofi playlists on Spotify, so to narrow it down I’ve picked 3 of my favourites.


  1. Best all-rounder: Laid-Back Lofi
  2. Best for upbeat summer vibes: Upbeat Happy Lofi Hip Hop
  3. Best for dark cinematic vibes: Cinematic Lofi Hip Hop Beats



Best All-Rounder Lofi Hip Hop Playlist: 2024 Chill / Study

The first of our lofi hip hop playlists is "2024 Chill / Study”, a good all-rounder collection of chill beats which are not too sleepy but not too energy-intensive either.


This playlist offers a diverse range of sounds with around 100 tracks, including everyone’s favourite features like satisfyingly crunchy percussion, wandering guitar melodies, magical soundscapes and a sprinkling of jazz inspiration.


Best Upbeat Summer Lofi Playlist: Upbeat Happy Lofi Hip Hop


If you're in the mood for something groovier, this upbeat lofi playlist will fit the bill. This playlist features some jazzhop and chillhop music which is vibrantly cool and perfect for the summer season. They’re a little more attention-grabbing so… maybe not ideal for studying? (Though hopefully you don’t have much studying to do in the summer!)



Best Dark Cinematic Lofi Playlist: Cinematic Lofi Hip Hop Beats


The third and final Spotify playlist is "cinematic lofi hip hop beats", which is perfect for those looking for a more dark and atmospheric lofi music experience.

This playlist features tracks that are ideal for creating a moody atmosphere in the late hours of the day, or when it's raining outside.


Thanks very much for reading! The next time you are looking for some great chill beats to listen to, be sure to check out these Spotify playlists.

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  • Hi, thank you for the above suggestions. Are independent artists such as myself allowed to submit music for consideration to the playlists? If so how would we go about doing so? Thank you in advance.

    Paul Russell on

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