3 Lofi Chord Progression Ideas for Guitar (Full Breakdown)

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 Below you'll learn how to play 3 different chord progressions featuring delicious jazz-inspired lofi guitar chords. These chord progressions are suitable for anyone who already has a bit of experience with guitar and is comfortable with a varied range of chords and scales.


This post also accompanies a tutorial video on my YouTube channel - scroll down to the end to watch!


Lofi Guitar Chord Progression #1


Our first lofi chord progression is a sweet, warming and fairly easy 4-chord progression in G♯ minor.


Bmaj7 - C♯min7 - G♯min7

Bmaj7 - C♯min7 - G♯m


We’re starting out with a Bmaj7 chord and staying there for one bar:

Guitar notation and tab of B major 7 chord

Next, we’re going up to a C♯min7 chord, which looks like this:


To make the G♯min7, we just move the same shape as our previous chord down to the fourth fret, like so:

Guitar notation and tab of G sharp minor 7 chord

The second time we play this chord progression, we take away the 7th note to make a regular G♯m chord:

Guitar notation and tab of G sharp minor chord

It all comes together with this simple and relaxed picking pattern:

Guitar notation and tab of picked chord progression

I especially like to play this chord progression alongside a melody with the G♯ minor pentatonic scale, which you can learn more about here on Applied Guitar Theory.



Lofi Guitar Chord Progression #2


This next chord progression is a little more jazzy and upbeat - a neo-soul inspired sound which is perfect for chillhop or jazzhop.


F♯min7 - G♯min7 - A6sus2 - C♯min7

Guitar notation and tab of 4-chord progression

I quite like to play the first three of these chords with the thumb over the top of the lowest string, which makes it much easier to mute the A string and leaves the first finger free to barre over the other strings.


The second time this progression loops around, I like to swap the C♯min7 for a different voicing with the same shape as the first two chords, sliding into it from the fret below.

Guitar notation and tab of sliding chord

Putting it all together and we have this pattern, played with a swung rhythm:

Guitar notation and tab of picked guitar chords

This chord progression is in the key of C♯ minor, and works very nicely with a few different types of minor scales such as the pentatonic and natural minor.


Lofi Guitar Chord Progression #3


This final chord progression is a nice and jazzy 2-5-1 progression in D major, again perfect for chillhop or jazzhop.


Em9 - A13 - Dmaj9 - D6/9

Guitar notation and tab of 4-chord progression

I’m pairing these chords with a groovy rhythm, strum-picking the chord and then alternating between the root note and the rest of the notes. I also palm-mute the strings after each chord to create a percussive feel.


I add a couple decorations: a slide down into the A chord, an extra note before the first D chord and a hammer-on with the pinkie.


Much like the previous one, this pattern is played with a swung rhythm and looks something like this:

Guitar notation and tab of picked guitar chords

I solo-ed over this one with the B natural minor scale, which gives it a bit of a moodier feel compared to the regular pentatonic scale.


That’s all three chord sequences, I hope you enjoyed! Click below to watch the tutorial video which goes along with this post.

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