Lofi Hip Hop Sample Flip Competition [Free Samples & Crazy Prizes]

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The Organic Lofi Hip Hop Vol 1 sample pack is finally here and with it comes a huge competition. The competition is hosted on the Metapop platform created by Native Instruments, with prizes such as Komplete 14 Ultimate (worth over $1000) and the opportunity to release on an EP with Stereofox and Mondo Loops.

The sample pack has both a FREE and FULL version, both of which are suitble to enter the competition. The full version has more samples and includes the stems for the melodic loops to allow for easier manipulation and creative use of the sample.


The Competition:

The competition requires you to submit a track using one of the melodic samples from the pack (The Piano or Guitar Loops) and bonus points for using additional drums and samples but it isn't necessary to enter.

The judging will take place after the deadline of 1st Januray 2023, and will be judged by the Stereofox Team and Mondo Loops. There are a total of 3 Main prizes and 3-6 offers to release with Sterefox and Mondo Loops.

The Prizes:

Grand Prize (1st Place)

Runner Up (2nd Place)

Third Place (3rd Place)

Label Release (Inclusion on EP)

  • Stereofox will select 3-6 tracks to release alongside Mondo Loops' song as an EP release - this is a separate selection from the winners & runner-ups and may or may not include some of the winning songs

The grand prizes are judged on creative use of the samples, track originality and overall production quality. There is no genre criteria for this, however, for the EP the focus will be on Lofi Hip Hop style tracks. As such, a song could win the grand prize but not be offered an EP placement if the genre is different.

The EP is also an offer and not a condition, you will be offered the Sterefox contract of release to review and are in your right to reject it. However, Sterefox are an Artist centric Label and offer industry leading service and splits.

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