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Plugin VSTs for Lofi Hip Hop beats bring warmth, character and texture to the music. This comes without the need for expensive or impractical hardware. The below range of plugins might just be the best series of VSTs for lofi producers ever. Best of all, they have two fantastic FREE plugins.

These plugins are of course the Baby Audio range. Baby Audio is a newcomer in the plugin world but they have taken it by storm. This includes vintage saturation, tape artifacts, delays, reverb, and more. Also, I have reached out to the Baby Audio team for a special discount! Use code MONDO10 for 10% of all orders!

Below outlines some of the best free and premium plugins in the range:

Magic Switch

The Magic switch is a free one-button chorus with a dry/wet slider.

Best range of loti plugins 
Magic Switch Interface

While this may not look like much, don't be fooled by the simplicity. This plugin offers a warm and rich chorus modelled on the analogue Juno-60 chorus. Though it has its own unique dark and textured sound.

Super VHS (Best Lofi Plugin)

Super VHS takes the warmth of the magic switch and expands upon it in the best way. This includes the same chorus, with tape saturation, sample rate reducer, pitch shifting LFO and some "bad" hall reverb modeled on classic budget reverb units.

Super VHS Interface

Furthermore, this is easily a top contender for the best budget Lo-Fi plugin due to its functionality and price.

Smooth Operator

If you have ever wanted the functionality of plugins like Soothe and Gulffoss at a cost that doesn't break the bank, this is for you. While this isn't an exact replica of either, it still holds similar dynamic functionality.

Smooth Operator VST 
Smooth Operator Interface

Smooth operator is a tool to manage resonance, spectral compression and dynamic EQ. This allows you to EQ select frequencies when they become an issue, and leave the audio untouched when they aren't. However, this has to be heard to be believed, next time you are struggling with a mix this can really make the process quicker and smoother. Amazing tool for lofi.

Spaced Out

Spaced out is arguably their best plugin to date. When making Lo-Fi it gives you the ability to make lush ambient soundscapes from anything. The tool is a delay, reverb, and modulation unit in one.

Spaced Out Reverb VST 
Spaced Out Interface

Aside from the fact this lofi plugin looks amazing, the interface is incredibly intuitive as well. It is one you can start tweaking without any prior knowledge and come out with the best sounds and textures. There is a range of reverbs, settings, delays, and more to choose from. It has to be heard to be believed.

Want more lofi plugins?

Check out the full YouTube video for the rest of the BabyAudio range or the dedicated best free Lofi Plugins here.

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