Best Lofi Hip Hop Sample Packs in 2023 [Free Downloads Included]

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Lofi hip hop is all about the sound design - creating a dreamy atmosphere ideal for studying or relaxing with ambiences, detuned pianos, crisp drum beats, and so on.


But… it’s actually quite hard to create these kinds of sounds when we're working digitally. Virtual instruments can sound cold and robotic, when really we need samples with some warmth and liveliness.


To save you time hunting for the perfect lofi sample pack, here are my picks for the top 5, including lofi drums, lofi piano samples and more.


1 - Best All Rounder Pack: Organic Lofi Hip Hop Volume 1

A cover image for the organic lofi hip hop sample pack. A microphone sits in a forest with text above saying "organic lofi hip hop".

Get it here.

With a generous selection of sounds, this lofi sample pack contains tools you can use to construct entire tracks. Set the scene with some ambience (like rain and birdsong), build a melody with 8 sets of lofi piano samples (and another 8 sets of lofi guitar samples!) then add a groove with a selection of one-shot lofi drums, hi-hat and percussive loops. Plus, this pack has a free version you can check out HERE.


2 - Best Pack for Drums & Bass: Chill Lofi Drums Vol #1

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Get it here.

Arguably the most iconic part of lofi hip hop is the drums! This pack, performed by lofi legend Bcalm (aka Callum Skyora, drummer for alt-rock band Good Foxy) contains a varied range of pre-mixed lofi drums, with both loops and one-shots.


As a bonus, it also has a playable lofi bass for Kontakt and Ableton users! One-shots are included for use in other samplers.


3 - Best Pack for Old School Lofi Drums: L Dre Drum Kit Vol. 4

A cartoon-style drawing of L.Dre in a field of flowers and music equipment, with text reading "L.Dre Drum Kit Volume 4"

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Lofi and boom bap superstar L.Dre, who went viral for his incredible remix of the Steven Universe theme, shares this pack of lofi drums with over 240 sounds. There are quite a few drum one-shots and loops, but also plenty of foley sounds and FX to create interesting textural layers in your beats.


The deluxe version comes with additional loops, acapellas and extra ambient textures.


4 - Best Value Pack: Dreamy Lofi Hip Hop Vol. 1

An illustration of a person sitting in a forest playing guitar, with text that reads "Dreamy Lofi Vol #1"

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If you’re just starting out and looking for an affordable lofi sample pack to get a good taste of the genre, this pack is ideal for you. As well as the usual warm, textured atmospheres, lofi drums, guitar and piano, it also has a few vocal drones and melodic loops on the ukulele and kalimba to add some unique character to your beats.


5 - Best Pack for Textures & Lofi Vocal Samples: Dreamy Lofi Hip Hop Vol. 2

Side-angle of a person playing piano, with text that reads "Dreamy Lofi Vol #2"

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Unlike other packs, this one features a few lofi vocal samples and has a heavier focus on the textural aspect of lofi hip hop. Alongside a large range of drum, foley and percussion sounds are some stunningly dreamy piano and guitar loops, as well as a few extra melodic and ambiance loops. This also has a free version you can try here.


Finding the right sample pack can be a challenge, especially with a genre which places such a heavy emphasis on sound design. Each of these packs offers something a little bit different, whether it’s an all-rounder like ‘Organic Lofi Hip Hop Volume 1’, or a drum-focused pack like L.Dre’s. No matter if you’re a beginner producer or have more experience, I invite you to explore these packs and build your ideal lofi sound palette.


Need more help with making lofi hip hop? Check out this post for a full breakdown of how to make a Lofi Girl style track using free VSTs and stock Ableton sounds.

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